Founded in 1992, The Coastal Companies has emerged as the leading supplier of produce and dairy in the Mid-Atlantic and a leading regional processor of fruits and vegetables. In 2019, Hearn Kirkwood joined The Coastal Companies. With the addition of Hearn Kirkwood, The Coastal Companies diversified its product offering with prepared foods and grab-and-go items such as sandwiches, wraps, salads and snacks designed to meet consumer demands for food that is fresh, healthy and convenient.

Today, The Coastal Companies has established itself as a solutions provider and supplier of choice for leading food service and retail operators along the East Coast. The Coastal Companies – Coastal Sunbelt Produce, East Coast Fresh, and Hearn Kirkwood – operates facilities in Baltimore/Washington and greater Richmond. Through a fleet of over 200 trucks, The Coastal Companies delivers daily to foodservice customers and major retailers along the East Coast.

Grab & Go